Astrid Garden

Astrid Offices is an exceptional
intimate project in the heart of Holešovice.

About the project

A combination of quality architecture, unadulterated design and modern technologies creates a complex of buildings in which it is a pleasure to work and live. Astrid Garden fully respects the industrial history of the area, but the approach of the designers has created a timeless project, in which it will be wonderful to live and work. A green oasis will be created in the heart of Holešovice, thanks to the abundance of organic elements and accompaniments, such as green walls in common areas, grassy roofs, and mature trees in the courtyard. The concept of an enclosed space provides a sense of safety and serenity. Modern technical conveniences ensure a sense of perfect comfort.

The place where it is a pleasure to create,
decide, plan, act, and live…


The Astrid Garden in Holesovice, Prague 7, delivers a creative urban infill project with an imaginative mixed use redevelopment.
The combination of the commercial frontage to the South is complemented with a residential frontage on the north side benefitting for the views overlooking the Sports ground.
The heart of the redevelopment is the internal landscaped courtyard which provides a tranquil setting for the courtyard residential units.
The architecture is a contemporary reinterpretation of the historic industrial vernacular prevalent in this part of the city.

Bogle Architects is an award-winning architecture and design studio founded in 2012 by Ian Bogle. Operating out of studios in London and Prague, and with a further office in Hong Kong, the practice is engaged in a wide range of prestigious domestic and international projects across South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and the United Kingdom.