live your life in Holešovice

U Průhonu, Prague 7, Holešovice: your new address. Feel the atmosphere in which you live every day with a smile, where you can hide yourself away from the world? Feel the heartbeat of the city?

Location is the prime consideration when it comes to choosing an apartment. Holešovice is a trendy location, with its cool restaurants, bars, and cafés with two chairs and a table for small talk with a friend. The premium Next.Move fitness club, the theatre, an exhibition, or simply a walk, or a bike ride alongside the River Vltava, either before or after a drink, after work, or at the weekend. Is it all TOO care-free? In that case, the more traditional list: kindergartens, schools, food shops, bakeries, cafés, a health centre, general practitioners, dentists, vets, hairstylists, a post office, Holešovice market, Stromovka Park, Sea World, a planetarium with starry sky at the Exhibition Grounds, concerts, Matějská Fair, ice hockey fans, football, cycling paths, walks, taking your four-legged and two-legged friends out for a stroll, trams, Metro, bus, railway station. Is there anything else to add? We’re sure you could come up with other places, places you have already been, that you like to remember, where you experienced something special, met someone, had a laugh, savoured some great food, or places you are planning to go to. You can see for yourself that in Holešovice, you will find everything you need for living. And yet you will always be at home, working or having fun the whole year round.

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