Astrid Garden
live your life in a new apartment

Come to Astrid Garden to discover a 1+world where life is there to be enjoyed or a 2+passion to live as two and experience the centre of Prague in a way most others never will in their lifetime. Are you looking for a 3+family because you already live in Holešovice and are on the lookout for something new, or is a 4+luxury the choice for you?

Choose from 138 apartments in our new-builds and one renovated building. The apartments come in 1 room plus kitchenette through 4 rooms plus kitchenette style, along with two maisonettes with their own entrance. The Astrid Garden residence consists of eight sections, A through H, with two, four, and six floors above ground. Seven of them are new-builds, while the eighth, which you see today on U Průhonu Street, is set for intensive reconstruction. If you want to do business in Holešovice, we also have 2 commercial units for sale in U Průhonu street.

The reconstructed building is home to beautiful 1+world apartments with high ceilings and the possibility of building in a raised level for sleeping in the future. Our 2+passion, 3+family, and 4+luxury apartments, meanwhile, are located in the new buildings in the inner courtyard and in the renovated building. The apartments on the top floors serve up a view of the surrounding area, allowing you to take in the magnificent scenery at sunset.

The inner courtyard will be home to a common garden planted with trees and flower beds and, what is more, ground floor apartments will have their own private front gardens and terraces, something not found too often in Holešovice.

The elegant, timeless standards of the interiors, the wooden floors, the outdoor blinds on large windows with wooden frames and insulating triple glazing for maximum privacy, preparation for air conditioning on the top floors of the new-builds, recuperation in buildings A and B, BREEAM eco-certification of the building, B rating energy performance, a room for cleaning bicycles, a workshop, a common room for meeting friends or clients: all of this is Astrid Garden.

the architect's intent

live your life in an apartment designed by a world-famous architectural studio

The Astrid Garden project is a creative city development with genius loci. The architectural concept draws on a modern reinterpretation of the historical industrial style so typical of this part of the city.

It is a new-build project, with one reconstructed building, facing into U Průhonu Street on the site of the former Astrid cosmetic factory. The heart of the residence is its urbanised inner garden, there to provide an environment of calm.

UBM Development is developing the residence with BREEAM eco-certification, which dictates a standard of procedure in the field of building design where the emphasis really is on sustainability, and which acts as a practical benchmark for describing the environmental impact of the building and energy savings.

Astrid Garden and the neighbouring Astrid Offices building in Dělnická Street were designed by the  Bogle Architects. architectural studio. Astrid Offices, with its LEED Gold certification, was approved for use in 2021 and won an award in the prestigious Best of Realty competition in the New Administrative Centres category. Bogle Architects is a multiple award-winning architectural and design studio founded in 2012 by Ian Bogle. The studio is active in London, Prague, and Hong Kong, undertaking projects in Europe, Great Britain, South America, and Asia.